How Does Tea Affect the Skin?

How Does Tea Affect the Skin

Next to coffee and wine, tea is one of the most popular beverages for consumers. Tea is enjoyed both hot and cold. You can drink it black or have it with milk and/or sugar. Every region around the world has its own tea that they prefer. From Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Orange Tea, and so much more – there are just so many different variations of tea that you can enjoy. In certain parts of the world, the practice of Afternoon Tea is still practiced. Needless to say, tea is a very wildly universal beveratge that has been renowned for centuries for its healing and beneficial properties.

How true are these beliefs, though? Even though many cultures believe that tea can have healing factors, is it good for you? Specifically, is tea good for your skin? In this article, we will be exploring the tea effects on skin. As well as what is the best tea for clear skin and what is the worst tea for clear skin.

Is Tea Beneficial For Your Skin?

Tea has antioxidants in it that help battle against acne, inflammation, and protect your skin cells. It should be noted that you need high-quality tea for this. Low-quality tea is the worst tea for clear skin. Due to the caffeine in tea, tea acts as a great antioxidant. The best teas for this purpose are Green Tea and White Tea. Oolong Tea also has good antioxidants properties, but according to GoodGlow, Black Tea and Bottled Tea rank at the lowest teas for antioxidants.

Tea also lowers insulin levels, which is important considering insulin can really aggravate hormonal acne. Tea can also decrease DHT, which also combats against hormonal acne. It should be noted that Black and Green Tea helps with your digestive system – so these are great teas to drink if you are looking to help your physical appearance.

Best Teas For Clear Skin

As mentioned before, Black and Green Teas are considered the best teas for clear skin. While White Tea and Oolong Tea can also be used to help clear skin, Green and Black Tea have the most research done for them and are proven to help combat against insulin levels and inflammation.  As it is stressed in the GoogGlow article, the quality of the tea you drink has a massive effect on how the tea helps/doesn’t help with clear skin.

Worst Tea for Clear Skin

While all tea has the potential to help with clear skin, Herbal Tea is listed as the worst option. Simply put, because it isn’t really tea. Not in the traditional sense. All other teas come from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Herbal Tea is made out of a combination of spices, herbs, and dried plants that mimic tea when steeped in hot water. Even then, though, it can help with combating acne. It may even be the “safest” since it does not contain any caffeine.

Using Tea For Your Skin

Drinking tea can certainly have positive effects on your skin, but you can also use the actual tea bags to help combat certain flaws your skin may have. Using tea bags underneath your eyes can help reduce any dark circles you may have underneath.

Green tea and matcha are also used as face masks, scrubs, and creams to help reduce any flaws in your skin. It can rehydrate the skin, as well as smooth out any acne you may have. It is great for reducing inflammation and for many people, is used as a nightly routine to help do away all of the damage wearing makeup can cause.

Why is tea so good for your skin? Let me let Theresa Krier – the founder of the Big T NYC – explain:

“Tea is a superstar in the natural skin-care world. It’s packed with a host of vitamins, amino acids, and catechins that work holistically to slow aging, stimulate collagen production and maintain healthy skin cells. Tea also combats dehydration, a major culprit of dull skin. It has EGCG, which is a type of antioxidant that is really well-known for boosting metabolism, but also is great for fighting free radicals that cause skin damage and premature aging.”

Conclusion: Is Tea Good For Your Skin?

As it is explored in this article, tea is beneficial for your skin. You can ingest tea by drinking it or you can place it directly on your skin. The negatives of applying tea is very low and if you have pre-existing acne, this is when you can find that tea aggravates it. Other than that, tea can hydrate your skin, reduce the dark circles that can appear under your eyes, and can smooth out any cellulite you have on your skin. There are teas best or your skin and teas that aren’t that beneficial, but all in all; all tea have beneficial properties.