How Does Coffee Affect the Skin?

How Does Coffee Effect the Skin

Coffee is an international beverage that, for many; is integrated into their every-day routine. All across the world, coffee is drunk in different fashions. Whether you enjoy an espresso in the morning, a cappuccino on your way to work, or a cup of cafe Americana during dessert, coffee is always there. For many, starting the day without coffee would almost be considered sacrilegious. With companies such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts existing, the coffee consuming culture has only grown. And it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop.

With all of that coffee consumption, what is it actually doing to you? More specifically, what is coffee doing to your skin? In this article, we will be exploring the coffee effects on skin. Right away, let’s just start with the fact that, like most things; everything is better in moderation. So, even if you do fancy yourself a cup of coffee per day, you shouldn’t be drinking several cups per day.

Is Coffee Harmful or Helpful For the Skin?

According to an article by Byrdie, which collected information given by dermatologists Gary Goldenberg, MD, and Whitney Bowe, MD; coffee is good for your skin due to the antioxidant properties. However, the way you consume your coffee could lead to breakouts. The caffeine in coffee fight against free radicals, which cause dry skin and the aging process to increase. The caffeine prevents this. And, contrary to popular belief; caffeine is not the dehydrate that people previously tried to make it out to be.

So, where do the breakouts come into play? Well, the truth is that not everyone drinks their coffee black. As mentioned before, coffee shops have made coffee wildly popular. Everyone loves a tall, grande iced caramel macchiato. Or a hazelnut blast with three coconut pumps and a giant mound of whipped cream. It’s not the coffee per se causing the outbreaks. Instead, it’s the dairy and sugar that is added to the coffee that can help cause the aforementioned acne outbreaks.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that according to Olay, a major skincare brand; coffee can stress pre-existing acne. This is due to coffee making you feel awake and this could lead to feeling stressed. That stress can affect your hormones, which then can make existing acne worse. It’s a combination of different factors and not coffee itself that can really aggravate acne.

So, not only is coffee an anti-inflammatory, but it can be, in general; beneficial to your health. It should also be mentioned that some people have negative reactions to caffeine in coffee. You could experience anxiety or other conditions that come from caffeine consumption. In this case, you can switch to decaf, as you still can enjoy the antioxidant properties of coffee with 97% less caffeine in it. Coffee is one of the most popular antioxidant beverages to consume – beating out tea and time.

What About Applying Coffee To Your Skin?

The most obvious and popular way to consume coffee is to drink it. But, applying coffee topically is where you will be able to enjoy antioxidant benefits the most. This is according to Heathline, which has gathered information from the American Chemical Society. Using coffee in the form of either a mask, a scrub, or a paste can be applied to your body to really get into your skin.

Applying coffee may help in reducing cellulite. The caffeine in the coffee can dilute the blood vessels, which helps with the flow of your blood. Hence, reducing the cause of cellulite and making your skin look better overall. It’s suggested to use a coffee scrub, which will provide a smoother look to the skin wherever you decide to apply it.

Additionally, when applied topically, coffee can have a calming effect to someone’s skin and their self. You can also make coffee into a mask to help reduce dark circles, which, considering how stressful the world is right now, you probably will need something to combat the look of dark circles under your eyes. And, you can use coffee topically as a part of your post-sun consumption care routine.

Conclusion: Is Coffee Good For Your Skin?

From exploring the experts and their testimonials, it seems that we can confirm that the coffee effects on skin are mostly positive. Unless you are chugging down lattes five times a day that have a ton of dairy and sugar in it, you can benefit from what coffee can do. Whether you are consuming it as a beverage or using it topically, coffee is an antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation, cellulite, and dark circles. As mentioned before, everything should always be done in moderation. It’s not suggested you do scrubs every day, but if you apply coffee a few times a week, you can really start seeing the difference.

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