Does Wine Expire?

Does Wine Expire

Wine is something given during special occasions. Collected when visiting an exotic city. It is easy to accumulate several bottles of wine. Even if you’ve stocked up for a holiday, you’re probably going to have some unopened bottles left. Sitting in your cabinets until it’s time to open one up. In some cases, some people like stocking up so that when they really want to grab for a bottle of white or red wine, it’s available to them. How long, though; can that expensive or inexpensive bottle stay hidden away? Does wine expire?

So, Does Wine Expire?

The last thing you want to do is purchase a pricey bottle of white or red wine, only to later discover it’s completely undrinkable. The good thing is that wine does have a long shelf life. Well, some do. Some wine are meant to be drunk within a year’s time. Some are made to last decades. In fact, most of the best wines are ones that have been stored for years. Remember, though; that those are professional facilities that the wine has been aged in. Your home is a little different, even though most wines don’t beckon you to go all out for a state-of-the-art wine cellar.

To summarize, wine doesn’t really expire, but it can turn sour. You do need to know how to store wine properly so you can’t unnecessarily ruin that bottle that you’ve been saving for the right moment. No one wants to have waited for the perfect time to open up an impressive bottle for your guests only to desire to spit it out.

How to Properly Store Wine

To avoid having your white or red wine spoil, there are some methods of storage that you can implement to avoid this from happening. Ensure that your wine is good to drink even after having it in your home for some time. Please keep in mind that this section is related to bottled wine. Boxed wine should only be kept for about three to four weeks. But, why would you want boxed wine when bottled tastes and last so much better?

Back to bottled wine and how to store it. You don’t want to store bottled wine in room temperature areas. Anywhere around 70 degrees is a no-no, even if the bottle isn’t opened. A bottle of wine can deteriorate up to four times faster than a bottle that is stored in a cool and stable environment.

You will also want to make sure you keep your wine away from direct sunlight. This is due to the sun’s UV rays degrading and aging wine prematurely. In addition, be sure to store your wine in a place that your bottles shake in.

Where to store your wine:

  • Store your wine bottles on the side so the wine stays up against the cork. This prevents the cork from drying out and letting oxygen in.
  • You will want to avoid storing your wine in your kitchen or laundry room as these places can fluctuate in temperature.
  • Purchasing a wine cooler will ensure that your bottles of wine can last several years.

White vs. Red Wine Going Bad

When you’re wondering ‘does wine expire’ you need to know that the color of the wine does in fact matter. Everyone has a preference when it comes to wine. Some people prefer white wine and some people prefer red. Some enjoy sweeter wine, while dryer is the way to go for some consumers. So, is there a difference between the shelf life of a white vs. red wine going bad?

The answer is yes. There is a difference between the two. In general, the lighter-colored wines tend to go bad quicker than the darker wines. This means if you have white wine in your home, you will want to drink that wine before you open up one of the bottles of red.

When it comes to wine, wine does have a printed expiration date. With white wine, the wine lasts about one to two years past the expiration date. When it comes to red wine, it typically is okay to drink it up to two to three years after the printed expiration date. It is advised that you can drink wine as long as it smells and tastes good.

Conclusion: The Best Wine Is Wine Being Drunk

Everyone enjoys a nice glass of wine. Whether you’re drinking it with some friends or enjoying a glass paired with a medium-rare steak, wine is the perfect pairing for almost every meal. Which, means you want to stock up on wine. But, you don’t know when it’s safe to consume wine, especially if you’ve had it stored for a while. The best advice is open up the bottle and smell it! Just remember to store your wine in a cool place on its side and you will be able to store your wine for a couple of years.

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