Everything you Need to Know About Chase the Ace Card Game

Chase the Ace Card Game

Card games have been one of the most used ways of having fun while also spending quality time with your friends and family. Normally, it is thought that card games are usually for guys, and they play it in their own circles. However, there are a number of games which are equally interesting when you play it with your family or a group of friends who by now are absolute pros in the game!

One such game that you can play with people from all age groups is Chase the Ace, and today we will be focusing on everything about that game so that you can add another name in your list of card games!

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Chase the Ace Card Game

One major issue which you might face with card games is the fact that there are so many variations that different people prefer for the same game. Although, if you think about it, you may find it even more interesting that now you have a chance of trying the same game with different variations in order to find your favorite. Also, it is completely possible that by the time you have learned and played this game a couple of times, you can come up with your own variations that don’t change game rules but serve as an interesting addition to it!

Now, let’s dive in and learn this super simple yet super fun game that you can play all day long!

What Will You Need?

All you need for this game is a deck of cards from which you will separate the jokers in the very beginning and three tokens (or any other way of keeping record) for each player.

Some General Rules

  1. As stated above, Jokers are not used in this game.
  2. The game can be executed with just two players as well, but if you are more than three, you will probably enjoy more.
  3. The lowest card in each round loses. Generally, the order from lowest to highest goes in this order: Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, jack, queen, king. Remember, the Ace is the lowest card!
  4. After each round, you do not have to shuffle the cards. You can just discard the cards used in the previous round or place them at the bottom and move forward.

How to Play

Now that we have some idea of the game, let’s learn exactly how to play Chase the Ace Card Game:

  • The very first thing you do is pick someone as a dealer to start the game officially. For this, every player will draw a card from the deck, and the player with the highest card will automatically become the dealer for the round.
  • Once the dealer is defined, he/she will give one card to each player who will be facing down. You can see your own card but not others.
  • Along with one card for each player, you all will also have 3 tokens, which represent your 3 lives. Hence, anything can be used in place of them (like flashcards, coins, Lego or even chocolates if you are playing with your kids)
  • Every time a player loses a round, they would have to place one token in the middle.
  • The round will start from the player sitting on the left side of the dealer.
  • For example, you are sitting on the left side of the dealer. Now you need to decide whether you want to keep your card, i.e. you want to stick with it or swap it. You can only swap it with the person sitting on your left.
  • Keep in mind that you haven’t seen anyone’s cards and so you should only swap with the next person if you think your card’s value is really low. Once you’ve made the decision of either swapping or staying with your card, you are done with your turn and are now stuck with the card you chose to go with.
  • The same process will repeat in the circle until it reaches the dealer. The last person before the dealer will make the same choice of either swapping their card with the dealer (since the dealer is sitting on their left) or sticking to their own card.
  • Now when it is the turn of the dealer, they are not allowed to swap the card with the person sitting on their left because they are the last one for the round. What they can do is that if they do not want to stick with the card they have at hand, they can take one from the top of the deck and stick to that.
  • Once everyone has gotten their turns, everyone will show their card, and the person with the lowest number will lose one life!
  • The game continues, and you play one round after another until there is just one person left with lives and so he/she is the winner!


Variations of the Chase the Ace card game: king or ace highest, queen zero, smallest card tie, stick/swap or stand/change

If there is a situation where the lowest card on the table is owned by two or more people towards the end, you can either ask all of them to lose one life or just go with the lowest unique number for that round.

While ace is generally the lowest number, some people make it the highest one. This does not really make that big of a difference and is mostly about preference, but traditionally the ace is supposed to be the lowest number on the deck.

Another rule which some people may or may not follow is that the queen is supposed to be the worst card. This means that when you show your cards and if you have a queen while the other person maybe owns a 2, or 3, you will still lose the game. If you have a collectively cursed number, you can make that the worst card and have that number’s value be changed to zero as well!

Lastly, the process of exchanging or keeping the card is normally referred to as stick or swap while announcing your decision. However, people also use terms like a stand or change, so basically, you can also come up with your own ways of announcing your decision and be as creative as you want!


We hope that this game’s addition to your list will not only make your life more fun but will also give you a chance to bond with family and friends over a deck of cards!

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