Best Coconut Rum Cocktails To Make At Home

Best Coconut Rum Cocktails

The weather is getting colder out and we’ve said goodbye to the summer. While we can’t go to the beach anymore and we’re all losing our warm weathered tans, we can still have a bit of the summer with us throughout the year. When you think of warm weather and tiki bars, what do you think of? You think of coconut rum cocktails! Just me? Coconut rum drinks are one of the most refreshing beverages you can have and shouldn’t just be enjoyed during the warm weather.

There’s a good chance that during your lifetime you’ve had a nice coconut rum cocktail. There’re many different variations of cocktails made with coconut rum. In this article, we are going to list off some of the best coconut rum cocktails and even include a recipe or two so that you can imitate it at home.

The Best Coconut Rum Cocktails

Pina Colada

Haven’t you ever heard of that song if you like Pina Coladas? The drink mentioned isn’t just part of one of the bests songs to sing along to, it’s one of the tastiest coconut rum drinks that you can have. Typically, Pina Coladas are served frozen and are a delicious blend of coconut rum and pineapple juice. If you are looking to feel like you are in the summer season, make some Pina Coladas in the blender and serve it up with a tiny little umbrella toothpick!

Coconut Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is a very old and popular drink that is typically served in the South – especially at the Kentucky Derby. It’s made most often with bourbon, but you can give it a coconut twist with the Coconut Mint Julep. Nice and refreshing, this is a perfect drink to consume while sitting on the back porch with friends.

Want to know how to make a Coconut Mint Julep? It’s fairly easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Muddle 1 large mint sprig with ¼ oz. coconut sugar.
  • Add 1½ oz. of Kōloa Coconut Rum, ¼ oz. Orgeat, and a scoop of crushed ice.
  • Float ½ oz. of Kōloa Dark Rum on top.
  • Finish the cocktail with more crushed ice.
  • Garnish with coconut flakes and mint sprigs.
  • Enjoy!

Malibu Fizz

Enjoy a fancy cocktail with coconut rum when you enjoy the Malibu Fizz. Made with Malibu coconut rum, you can serve the Malibu Fizz in a flute glass. It’s perfect if you are hosting a dinner party or even throwing a New Year’s Eve soiree. To really make this drink pop, dip the rim with edible glitter for the perfect Instagram cocktail.

Under the Boardwalk

Don’t you love when cocktails have fun names? The Under the Boardwalk rum cocktail is typically served in a tall collins glass and is made with both coconut rum and spiced rum. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious drink to have? One that you probably haven’t heard of before! Do you want to make this cocktail at home? We’re here to provide you with the means to make one! Follow the steps listed below:

  • Shake together ½ 0z. of RumHaven Coconut, ½ oz. of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, ¼ oz. of lime juice, and 1 0z. of pineapple juice in a tall collins glass.
  • Garnish the beverage with an orange slice.
  • Share with friends!

Kokopelli Colada

Have you ever heard of a Kokopelli Colada? Provided by Cosmopolitan, the Kokopelli Colada is the perfect drink to enjoy when you’re looking for a cocktail that drinks like a milkshake. The Colada combines a different variation of rum – such as coconut rum, spiced rum, and dark rum. There’s also honey involved and make sure you use a blender. To really top everything off, don’t forget the cherry. This is one of our favorite coconut rum cocktails and we think it will be yours too.

XO Coco Hill

When it comes to simple coconut rum cocktails, it doesn’t get simpler than the XO Coco Hill. All you need is coconut water, which you’re going to want to pour into ice cube trays. Once your coconut water has frozen, place a few in a rock glass and pour over Mount Gay XO Rum. That’s it! Talk about simple and cost effective – simply serve the XO Coco Hill to guests and have a good time!

Malibu Bay Breeze

When you are starting to get on the drinking scene, you typically like to gravitate to sweeter drinks. One of the most popular start-up drinks for twenty-one-year-olds is the Malibu Bay Breeze. Now, you can still enjoy this as an adult – it’s delicious! Taking a spin on the traditional Bay Breeze cocktail, this beverage incorporates Malibu Rum – which is one of the most popular coconut rums on the shelves today.

Coconut Rum Punch

Rum Punch is already a delicious tropical drink that can be enjoyed during the summer and specifically, at a beach setting. Nothing says vacation like Rum Punch. Add some coconut rum in there and you really have yourself a delicious beverage made with coconut rum that you are going to love.

Mai Tai Cocktail With Malibu Rum

Mai Tais are typically served at tiki bars when friends are gathered together near tiki torches and great seafood. This particular cocktail is surprisingly strong and nothing is a better addition to this cocktail than Malibu rum. Serve it with a decorative glass with a fun, twisty straw and an umbrella straw.

Is There Any Cocktail That Isn’t Made Better With Coconut Rum?

The answer to this is no. The fact is every cocktail is made tastier with coconut rum. At least, we think so. We’re hoping that this list has provided you with some truly great coconut rum cocktails. Whether it’s really the summer or it’s the winter, you can incorporate some coconut rum with your drink. It’s great to have when you are by yourself, with family, or with friends. Some are incredibly easy to make and some are fun to mix together with friends. Make a party out of it and don’t be afraid to get a little heavy-handed with the rum!

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