Benefits and Negatives of Low Carb Beer

Benefits and Negatives of Low Carb Beer

It could be argued that beer is one of the most consumed beverages for any adult across the world. Beer comes in a multitude of different styles. Every beer has its own version of beer. We have the American Budweiser that has commercials scattered throughout such large events as the Super Bowl. People in Ireland enjoy Guinness. Frankly, there’s a beer for everyone. IPA, Stouts, Ales, and more. Whether you enjoy a nice, grapefruit beer in the summer or a pumpkin ale in the fall, beer is truly universally loved.

The thing is, though; beer isn’t really all that great for someone who is watching their weight. Have you ever heard of the expression “beer gut”? It exists for a reason. Beer can be a delicious and enjoyable drink, but it’s not really advised for someone to consume who wants to lose a pound of two.

Beer companies have realized this and as a result, low carb beer has become an option that many companies are considering. Low calorie beer may feel like an oxymoron, but there are many different options out there compared to years ago. While diet soda really isn’t diet, is low carb beer actually a “healthier” version of regular beer? That is what we will be exploring in this article, as well as what are the benefits of low carb beer and what are the negatives of low carb beer?

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How Many Carbs Are In Beer?

In general, beer has 1.4 grams of carbohydrates. If you have multiple beers, you’re looking at a lot of slices of bread. I mean, you have been told that eating bagels isn’t recommended on a frequent basis because of all of the carbs it contains. What do you think beer is doing to you? Also consider that if you go with a darker beer then that means the amount of carbs are even higher. Basically, the darker the beer, the less you should probably drink.

Craft beer that adds flavors means more calories as well, due to the added sugar in the beer. Low carb beer, on average; has about 0.9 grams of carbs. Which, is not significantly lower, but still contains less than what a normal pint of beer would have. So, if you are looking to cut down on calories, but you also want to keep drinking beer, then you may want to go with a low carb option. Let’s dive further into what actually makes low carb beer…low carb beer.

How Does Low Carb Beer Differ From Regular Beer?

Just at a first glance, the difference that exists between low carb beer and regular beer is that it contains less carbs than a regular beer. Nice, we went through the first difference!

All beer must be made with barley, water, hops, and yeast. It’s the fermenting times and types of grain that determine how particular liquors are made. The steps of making beer are as follows:

  • Malting: In this step, the grains are brought out to where, essentially; the carbohydrates are included.
  • Mashing: Here, grains are soaked in hot water for a certain duration.
  • Boiling: This is where fruits and other flavors are added.
  • Fermentation: After about an hour or more of boiling, everything is strained out.

Low carbs is just attributed to how much sugar content is used in the beer. It’s the prcess of beer that makes it low carb beer. Does this make for low calorie beer? Well, less sugar means less calories. To be honest, the best way to minimize the intake of calories and carbs is by minimizing the intake of beer. Which, we know isn’t something that sounds ideal when you’re needing a nice drink on a hot day.

What Are the Benefits of Low Carb Beer?

It’s important to note that when you are looking to cut out the carbs, then you need to go with the lowest calorie beer that you can find. It’s not really the carbs that are bad for you, but the alcohol. So, it is recommended that you try to limit your intake of beer. And if you can, make sure that the beer you are consuming is low carb. The benefits of reducing your intake of carbs is that you are helping your body with its metabolism. The more carbs you have, the worst your metabolism is. So, when you choose to switch to low carb beer, you are avoiding beverages that will harm your metabolism.

What Are the Negatives of Low Carb Beer?

The negatives of low carb beer are the same as any regular beer. There are still carbs in beer and even though the carb count is lower, there is still sugar in the beer. This means that despite the numbers being lower, you still run the risk of intaking a lot of carbs with low carb beer. You can also still gain weight. The thing, also; with beer – is that they’re like potato chips. You can’t just have one. Most likely, you’re going to have a few – which means that you’re just taking in carbs. Which means you’re taking in more sugar. Sugar equals weight gain. These are the negatives of low carb beer, just as the same negatives as regular beer. So, make sure you keep this in the back of your head when you’re deciding to go with low-carb beer.

What Are Some Great Low Carb Beers?

Let’s now get into the best low carb beers that you can get out there. Certainly, you have probably seen some low carb options out there. But what makes them the best low carb options out there? Let’s explore.

  • Corona Premier: Corona in general is such a well-known brand, but did you know there is a lower carb option for you if you do like Corona? Corona Premier has 2.6 grams and 90 calories.
  • Michelob Ultra: This next option in low carb beer contains 2.6 grams of carbs and 95 calories worth of calories per 12 oz. beer.
  • Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. Bright Tangerine Sparkling Ale: With 2 grams of carbs and 90 calories, this is a very low-carb option for those who are looking for a low-carb option.

Conclusion: Is There Such a Thing as Low-Carb Beer?

Like a unicorn, does low-carb beer exist? Sure, it exists. We see that there are beers without a lot of carbs in it. Your local supermarket, gas station, and liquor store are probably full of low carb options. Do they really accomplish the goal? Does it even make a difference that you are drinking beer that doesn’t have a lot of carbs in it? In this article, we have discussed what goes into the process of making low carb beer. We also see the positive and negatives of low carb beer.

While there are options that are low in calories and low in carbs, drinking beer should be in moderation. Realistically, drinking in general should be done in moderation. If you are looking to lose the pounds, beer may not always be your best option to try to slim your waistline. But, if you are absolutely looking to enjoy a nice beer, then go with a low carb option!

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